The »Left Hand Shake« Cover.
The track was only available when the »Last Rights« album was released in Germany.

Sold in Dresden in a limited edition of 1.000 copies.

I've got it. (+ autograph).



Only 10 minutes befor the big thunderstorm started after the show,
WORLOCK and OPPATRIA met cEvin Key for one
»long« minute. A few teardrops fell from the red glooming sky.
And then?


OPPATRIA: » cEvin, three signatures please. That won't hurt!«

Key: » Did you see the lighting a few minutes ago, it has just started?«

WORLOCK: » Even better than your own lightshow.«

Key: » That's not what I mean. It was so amazing, it's gotta be magic.
It is DWAYNE! He's here!


This was definitely unexpected, unfair even.
In such a situation are you able to say something, something intelligent, sympathetic?

I don't think so!! I was stuned!

Yours truly and still shaken...